Monday, March 22, 2010

Help is Not a 4 Letter Word - An excerpt from Mommy Maestro

When I was a SAHM, I started a blog that expressed my experiences. Here is a post I made that I thought would be helpful to you! Enjoy!

It's 9 am. I have already helped my husband prepare for his trip by finding documents and files that were hiding from him. I have changed Summerlyn's diaper and helped Samaya on the potty. I got a banana for the crew since no one has had breakfast yet. I have ironed the girls' clothes and helped them put them on. I have created a spreadsheet of profit and loss for the business. And now I am cleaning the bathtub so my husband can take a shower with out being grossed out. (It's amazing how dirty two little girls can get!)

In my moment of solitude (since no one wants to help me clean the tub) I asked the Lord "What would you have me to write on the blog?" He said to me: Help is not a four letter word.

Wow! How well our God knows us! Many times as we do what we, Mommy Maestros, are charged to do, it could feel like a curse. But God is letting us know that it's not. It is a blessing to help and serve others. I know, I know, it may not feel that way sometimes. Especially when it seems that everyone in your home can do nothing for themselves and they recruit you to help them. But that's what Mommy Maestros do. When we were formed by God, we were formed as a help meet - a help to God and to our family.

What are the rewards of being a help meet? I don't think we will truly know until we are standing before the throne of God. But here in the earth, there are little rewards. The smile you receive from your toddler as you fix his favorite toy. The kiss and hug you get from your husband as you hand him his dinner plate. The little voice of your 4 year old that says "Thank you, mommy!" when you help her put on her shoes when she just couldn't seem to do it herself.

The smiles, hugs and thank you's may not compare to what God has in store for us in heaven as we lay down our "life" for our family and help them. But they are nice tokens to hold on to when the days of being a maestro are hard and long. Keep them close to your heart and let them encourage you.

And remember,even if your child doesn't say thank you, or if no one notices that you've cleaned the toilet, God always does!

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